Fundraising Reports: Deliver and Delight Your Board, Leadership and Development Department Feb 04, 2023

 You know how important your fundraising reports are. They tell the story of your donor’s behavior and how your fundraising efforts are...

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The top 10 Raiser’s Edge™ issues in 2023: Overcome them and you are on your way to data health Jan 20, 2023

Raiser’s Edge™ issues can keep you from reaching your fundraising goals. Your fundraising database should be the hub -- the...

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Nonprofit Training Series for Fundraisers and Fundraising Operations Professionals Jan 18, 2023

 We are 1-week away from part 1 of our 12-part webinar series! Are you ready to supercharge your fundraising success? Are you having...

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How My Dread of Walking into Work Changed My Life and Helped Me Build A Clean Raiser’s Edge™ Database Empire Nov 17, 2022

I laid in bed. It was 6am. And I really didn’t want to move…I knew that walking into work meant walking into an...

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Pledge Management: When to Write Off a Pledge in Raiser’s Edge™ Nov 17, 2022

Pledge management is not for the faint of heart. Especially when it comes to writing off pledges in Raiser’s Edge™, because we...

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Automate Your Fundraising Reports and Save 8-10 Hours Every Month Nov 17, 2022

At least once a week I receive a call from a client about their fundraising reports. They are never good calls. Here are some examples from the...

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