Leveraging Demographic Data in Raiser’s Edge™: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Nonprofits Jul 24, 2023

In the world of nonprofits, data is gold. Among the most valuable pieces of data that nonprofits can gather are demographic details about...

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Raiser's Edge™ Cleanup with RE:boot Jun 07, 2023

Nonprofits are familiar with the vital role data plays in our digital era. You're probably swimming in it - contact details, donation histories,...

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Reclaiming Your Dirty Raiser’s Edge™ Database: A Fresh Start with RE:boot May 31, 2023

Are you feeling entangled in your dirty Raiser’s Edge™ database? Are donor details, transactions, and records starting to...

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Keeping Your Donor Data Safe: Best Practices for Raiser’s Edge™ Security Mar 14, 2023

Donor trust and confidence is of utmost importance, so it is critical to have your Raiser’s Edge™ security in tip top shape. ...

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The Best Raiser’s Edge™ Constituent Codes for 2023 Mar 10, 2023

Your Raiser’s Edge™ constituent codes are the most basic, fundamental code for a record. This is the one code that should answer...

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The 5 Secrets for Cleaning Up Your Dirty Raiser’s Edge™ Database Feb 19, 2023

We had an amazing webinar this month about cleaning up your dirty fundraising database! Click here to watch the replay. Over the past 10...

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