Raiser's Edge™ Cleanup in 2024 with RE:boot

database health Jan 02, 2024
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Nonprofits are familiar with the vital role data plays in our digital era. You're probably swimming in it - contact details, donation histories, event attendance records, the list goes on. But here's the real question: Is your data actually serving you, or are you simply drowning in it? Is it time for a Raiser's Edge cleanup?

A cluttered, unmanaged Raiser’s Edge™ database can feel like a dark forest where your valuable data is lost, never to see the light of day. Your fundraising efforts can stumble, strategic decisions may falter, and before you know it, your mission seems more unreachable than ever. Sound familiar? Well, we at Databasey have a solution for you: RE:boot.

Your Nonprofit’s Secret Weapon for 2024!

RE:boot is more than just another masterclass. It's a 3-month intensive program designed to revitalize your database and empower your nonprofit. Over these 12 weeks, only 10 dedicated participants will be led through the process of effectively cleaning up their Raiser’s Edge™ databases. This isn't about surface-level sweeping; RE:boot dives deep into the heart of your data problems.

Freedom from Data Chaos

Consider your current Raiser’s Edge™ database. How much time do you spend sifting through outdated information or wrestling with misaligned data fields? Instead of harnessing data to spur your mission forward, you’re bogged down with maintenance.

RE:boot alleviates this pain. We guide you through what to clean up, when to do it, and most importantly, how to do it. Your focus will shift from the chaotic firefighting to building strategic, data-driven fundraising operations.

Personalized Learning at its Best

Every week, you'll receive detailed video lessons carefully curated to your nonprofit's unique needs. In addition, you'll have a call - sometimes one-on-one, sometimes in a group setting - with your dedicated RE:boot counselor. These interactive sessions provide you the opportunity to gain insights from other nonprofits' experiences, fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes success.

Fundraising and Strategy Reimagined

With RE:boot, your Raiser’s Edge™ database transforms from an obstacle into your nonprofit's superpower. Imagine knowing exactly who to contact for your next campaign, and being able to predict the success of your future fundraising events based on past data. RE:boot equips you to harness your database's full potential, driving strategic decision-making and ultimately, raising more money for your cause.

Raiser's Edge Cleanup with RE:boot

With RE:boot, you won't just be learning about your Raiser’s Edge™ database; you'll be transforming it. If you're ready to break free from the shackles of data chaos and reclaim your nonprofit's power, then RE:boot is waiting for you. Be one of the 10 nonprofits to embark on this enlightening journey of data reclamation.

Learn more about RE:boot today. It's more than a masterclass; it's a revolution.


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