Harnessing Raiser's Edge® for Capital Campaigns Aug 18, 2023

Capital campaigns are monumental undertakings that can significantly propel a nonprofit organization's mission forward. These campaigns require...

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Boosting Data Quality: Top 8 Data Integrity Queries in Raiser's Edge Aug 07, 2023

One critical aspect of ensuring maximum benefit from your Raiser’s Edge™ database is maintaining data integrity. One way to accomplish...

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From Ignored to Inspiring: Transforming Your Pledge Reminders Jul 24, 2023

Your pledge reminders should be one of the best engagement and stewardship pieces your donor received this year. If a donor has signed up for...

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Leveraging Demographic Data in Raiser’s Edge™: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Nonprofits Jul 24, 2023

In the world of nonprofits, data is gold. Among the most valuable pieces of data that nonprofits can gather are demographic details about...

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Untangling Inactive Records in Raiser's Edge: A Comprehensive Guide for Nonprofits Jul 17, 2023

A successful nonprofit fundraising strategy hinges on the efficient use of donor databases. Raiser’s Edge™ has become a trusted name...

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The Role of Donor Privacy and Data Retention Policy in Fundraising Jul 07, 2023

Philanthropy hinges on the relationship of trust built between nonprofits and their donors. Maintaining this relationship is paramount for...

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