Raiser's Edge™ Cleanup with RE:boot Jun 07, 2023

Nonprofits are familiar with the vital role data plays in our digital era. You're probably swimming in it - contact details, donation histories,...

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Reclaiming Your Dirty Raiser’s Edge™ Database: A Fresh Start with RE:boot May 31, 2023

Are you feeling entangled in your dirty Raiser’s Edge™ database? Are donor details, transactions, and records starting to...

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Maximizing Fundraising Efficiency with Raiser’s Edge™ Solicit Codes Mar 31, 2023

When your Raiser’s Edge™ solicit codes are tidy and logical, you can build better relationships with your donors. Solicit codes...

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Tips for Onboarding New Raiser’s Edge™ Users Mar 22, 2023

In the field of fundraising, we have lots of staff turn over, which is unfortunate. Last I read, the average time a major gift officer stays in a...

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Keeping Your Donor Data Safe: Best Practices for Raiser’s Edge™ Security Mar 14, 2023

Donor trust and confidence is of utmost importance, so it is critical to have your Raiser’s Edge™ security in tip top shape. ...

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The Best Raiser’s Edge™ Constituent Codes for 2023 Mar 10, 2023

Your Raiser’s Edge™ constituent codes are the most basic, fundamental code for a record. This is the one code that should answer...

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