Onboarding New Raiser's Edge® Users: A Database Administrator's Guide to Success

Feb 05, 2024

Let me tell you a secret....database admin to database admin. Raiser's Edge® can be overwhelming for people who haven't worked in it before. As administrators, we often forget little things that we've known for years but new users would never know.  As the gatekeeper of your nonprofit's database, you're not just introducing new employees to a system; you're ushering them into the heart of your organization's fundraising efforts. So, let's make this onboarding process as engaging and effective as possible!

1. Pre-Boarding: Set the Stage for Success
Preparation is Key: Before your new team member even logs in, ensure that their user account is set up with the appropriate permissions. Tailor these permissions to match their role - not too little, not too much, just right!

Welcome Pack: Create a Raiser's Edge® welcome pack. This could include cheat sheets, a glossary of common terms (especially ones that your organization uses), and a map of the Raiser's Edge® landscape. Think of it as the 'You Are Here' map in a vast amusement park – it's essential!

2. First Day Fun: Make It Memorable
Interactive Walkthrough: On their first day, guide them through an interactive walkthrough of Raiser's Edge®. Use real data examples to show how the system is used in daily tasks. Remember, show, don't just tell.

Scavenger Hunt: Spice things up with a Raiser's Edge® scavenger hunt. Set up a list of tasks for them to complete, like finding a donor who gave over $1000 last year or locating a report on last quarter’s fundraising event. It’s fun and educational!

3. Role-Specific Training: Tailor the Learning Experience
Customized Learning Paths: Different roles require different knowledge. Create role-specific training sessions that focus on the aspects of Raiser's Edge® most relevant to their job. For instance, fundraisers might need in-depth knowledge of donor management, while event coordinators might focus on event module functionalities.

Real-Life Simulations: Use real-life scenarios to train. Let them practice entering sample data, generating reports, or segmenting donor lists. The closer your training is to their actual job, the better.

4. Buddy System: Pair Up
Mentorship Matters: Assign a Raiser's Edge® buddy – someone experienced who can answer questions, provide tips, and offer moral support. This buddy system not only eases the learning curve but also helps in building team camaraderie.

5. Regular Check-Ins: Track Progress
Scheduled Check-Ins: Set up regular check-ins to monitor their progress, address challenges, and provide feedback. These check-ins are crucial touchpoints to ensure they are on track and feeling confident in their new role.

6. Advanced Training: Level Up
Ongoing Learning: Once they’ve got the basics down, introduce more advanced features of Raiser's Edge®. Encourage them to attend webinars, workshops, and training sessions offered by Raiser's Edge®. Continuous learning is key in mastering this dynamic tool.

7. Feedback Loop: Listen and Adapt
Encourage Feedback: Create an environment where new users feel comfortable providing feedback about the onboarding process. What worked well? What could be improved? This feedback is gold – use it to refine your approach.

At the end of the day, you're building a confident, data-savvy team! Remember, every new user brings a fresh perspective to your Raiser's Edge® database. Your goal as a database administrator is not just to teach them how to use the software but to empower them to harness its full potential in advancing your nonprofit’s mission. Happy onboarding – cheers to building a confident, data-savvy team!

Need more info on how to onboard? We have an entire masterclass dedicated to this in The Nonprofit Collective

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