Affordable Nonprofit Training for Raiser’s Edge™ Users

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Self-Guided Masterclass

CFRE accredited masterclasses that will walk you through fixing all areas of your Raiser’s Edge™ database

Masterclass Series

The first week of every month you will find a new masterclass unlocked inside your membership dashboard

3 Logins Per Organization

It takes a village! So, your membership comes with three seats for your organization

Customizable Templates

Get every resource we've developed - from pre-written policies to Raiser’s Edge™ standards

Your Annual Databasey Membership Includes

  • Self-Guided Masterclasses
  • New Monthly Masterclass
  • 3 Logins Per Organization
  • Exclusive Private Community
  • Monthly Check-In Call via Voxer
  • CFRE Credits
  • Customizable Master Templates
  • Discounted 1:1 & Group Coaching
  • Databasey Team Support 


Nonprofit masterclasses I wish I had when I started... 

  • The Raiser’s Edge™ Standards Project - pre-written standards for every field and module in your database. Includes 4 video lessons on how to engage the department and implement standards
  • The Clean Database Project (for Raiser's Edge™ users) - exact video instruction on how to clean up every element of your Raiser’s Edge™ database. 10 modules including talking points for keeping your peers up-to-date on your cleanup progress.
  • The Raiser’s Edge™ Diagnostics Project - Complete scorecard so you can measure your database against best practice. Includes 4 video lessons on how to use the scorecard, present the results, and build a cleanup plan.
  • 12+ fully customizable policies and procedures, including Gift Acceptance Policy and Donor Privacy & Data Retention Policy (two of our most popular!)
  • Access to a community filled with smart fundraising operations professionals. You can ask your peers questions and share your successes.


One year of game-changing educational resources at your fingertips and you will be able to...

  • Clean up your Raiser’s Edge™ database once and for all! You'll live and thrive in a clean database with written standards
  • Produce beautiful, action-oriented fundraising reports that help your board, leadership, and department understand your philanthropic landscape and how it's changing
  • Enjoy a library of policies and procedures so everyone in the department knows how to handle situations as they arise
  • Seamlessly reconcile with accounting and deepen your relationship and understanding of our friends in Finance
  • Ask the Databasey team members questions through the portal and have live conversations on our monthly group coaching calls
  • Meet peers who use Raiser’s Edge™ through our thriving community


Everything you need to achieve your Fundraising goals


The Clean Database Project For Raiser's Edge™ Users

The time for dirty data is over!

Introducing The Clean Database Project for Raiser's Edge™, a 10-module, self-guided masterclass that will help you clean up every field and module in your database.

  1. Clean up the right things
  2. In the right order
  3. In the right way
  4. Enjoy operations bliss

The Raiser’s Edge™ Database Standards Project

Standards are such a day-maker! We'll set you up with pre-written standards for every field and module in your Raiser’s Edge™ database. Then we'll teach you how to engage the department and implement the standards.  This ensures that all database users are using the system in the right way and storing data where it should be placed.


The Raiser’s Edge™ Database Diagnostics Project

Let's diagnose your Raiser’s Edge™ database so you know exactly what needs to be fixed. This scorecard will help you uncover every anomaly and inconsistency in your database and benchmark it against best practice. Not only will this tell you what needs to be cleaned up, it will help you rally for the resources you need to fix the database.

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