Nonprofit Training Series for Fundraisers and Fundraising Operations Professionals

webinar series Jan 18, 2023

 We are 1-week away from part 1 of our 12-part webinar series! Are you ready to supercharge your fundraising success? Are you having trouble meeting your fundraising goals? Does your fundraising program feel stalled or stale?If so, we've got good news! 2023 is about fixing your fundraising department - one month and one webinar at a time.

Our 12-part webinar series is going live on January 25th, 2023, at 1 PM ET, and it offers fundraisers and fundraising operations professionals the long-term tools they need to reach their fundraising goals.


 And the best part is it's FREE!


In the first webinar, I will walk you through the 15 critical elements you need to build a thriving, sustainable fundraising program. With our printable audit, we'll go through all the elements of your fundraising program together and you can rate how you score on each of the elements. By the end of that webinar, you'll know precisely what areas of your program need attention. You'll walk away from that hour together with a roadmap of exactly what needs to be fixed in your fundraising department. In a nutshell, we'll:

  •  Assess your fundraising efforts and know exactly where energy is needed to build a sustainable, thriving fundraising program
  • Understand how your development department compares to best practices in the 15 areas of fundraising
  • Gauge your ability to grow loyal donors, support successful fundraisers, and curate a sophisticated donor experience


If you're serious about fixing what is broken in your fundraising department, this webinar is for you! With the right tools and my detailed fundraising success audit, you can easily assess your fundraising efforts and determine what areas need the most attention. 


See you on January 25th!


This is the Fundraising Success Formula you have been waiting for. Join us LIVE on January 25th, 2023, at 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET. Live Q&A to follow. 

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