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Need help finding issues in your database. This 6-page document of Must-Have Data Integrity checks is going to be life-changing!

WEBINAR: Are you setting your fundraisers up for success?

We’ll walk you through the 15 elements you need for a thriving, sustainable fundraising program. If you are looking to foster an environment that supports successful fundraising, loyal donors, and a sophisticated donor experience, this webinar is for you! With our printable audit, we’ll walk you through the 15 elements and you can score your program against best practice. At the end of this webinar, you’ll know exactly what areas of your program need attention.

  • Assess your development efforts and know exactly where energy is needed to build a sustainable, thriving fundraising program
  • Understand how your development shop compares to best practice in the 15 areas of fundraising
  • Gauge your ability to grow loyal donors, support successful fundraisers, and curate a sophisticated donor experience