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Need help finding issues in your database. This 6-page document of Must-Have Data Integrity checks is going to be life-changing!

WEBINAR: Stop Chasing Whales: How qualification can help you pursue the right prospects

Wealth screening can send us off chasing prospects that have high capacity but no affinity for our mission. This is wasted time!  Qualification is one of the most important phases in moves management but it is often overlooked. We tend to be transfixed by capacity and pay little attention to affinity. The only prospects you should pursue are ones with both affinity and capacity. We’ll unpack how to properly qualify your prospects so you are being selective on who you spend your precious time on. 

  • Know how to identify prospects with high affinity within your donor database and pair them with capacity
  • Learn how to uncover the right prospects through discovery calls and meetings
  • Get trained on the 8 questions to ask when qualifying prospects